Quality Israeli Estates

We are a modern Israeli real-estate and development company. A company that builds homes for people like us – the everyday Israelis.

We are the ones that love living here and, just like you, want to feel at home at our apartment. Men and women who understand that buying a house is much more than just a business deal, mortgage and furnishing. It is a process which creates a new kind of living. A good home is a house which was handled with special care: in thought, planning, interior design and of course – in the quality of construction.

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Etz HaShaked Engineering

Etz HaShaked Engineering is the operating authority in the company, owning the highest construction ranking (C5). Etz HaShaked Engineering executes all Etz HaShaked projects, and for the largest real-estate development companies in the country.  This is a unique operational company in the Israeli landscape, which holds up high standards in all aspects of its responsibility.

First and foremost, in Etz HaShaked Engineering, we care about being human.

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Etz HaShaked Living

A good housing project starts with picking out the finest location, in-depth planning and promoting high standards at the entrepreneurial level. Determining the appearance of the building, the way in which it can fit its future tenants, finalizing the optimal interior design planning – these are topics that concern us at Etz HaShaked Living. That is the modern Israeli real-estate development approach.

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Yaniv Spatnitzki

Etz HaShaked Engineering CEO

Graduated from the Technion faculty of civil engineering in 2000, and following his excellency, received scholarship to M.E. studies, specializing in construction management.

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Neil Trubowitch

Associate and Principal

Neil was born in the US and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He is a graduate of hospitality management studies in San Francisco, Economics in Tel Aviv University and was certified hotel manager by the AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging Association) in 1985.

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Avi Mandler

Etz HaShaked CEO

Until the foundation of Etz HaShaked Real-Estate Development, Avi experienced all the positions that the world of civil engineering has to offer.

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David Buchnik

Chief Engineer

David graduated from the Technion's civil engineering faculty in 1996. Ever since, he has functioned in a variety of managerial positions in the field of housing projects execution, and public projects in major construction companies.

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Hanan Segal

Deputy CEO, Etz HaShaked Real-Estate Development

Hanan, the deputy CEO in Etz HaShaked Real-Estate Development, graduated from an M.E. in the Technion's civil engineering faculty, and specialized in management.

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Gilad Mandler


Gilad, Etz HaShaked's CFO is a certified accountant. He graduated from an M.B.A at Haifa University, at 1997, and got his accounting certification from the Ruppin Academic Center.

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Barry Cohn


Barry was born in San Francisco, gradated from a B.A. in social studies, specialized in economics, from Berkeley University, California, and an M.A. in public administration from the University of South California.

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