Etz Hashaked Corporation is a privately held real estate development, construction, and investment management company with a primary focus on residential and commercial projects in the center of Israel. We pursue in-fill and expanding markets where construction opportunities provide secure and solid returns.

Our mission is to enhance the communities in which we work by creating high-quality, sustainable environments for people to live, work, shop and relax as well as providing American investors the opportunity to be a part of the development of the State of Israel.

Etz Hashaked may be a relatively young company but its roots go back generations. Founded by the Trubowitch family, the company’s operations in Israel can be traced back to 1929 when the British Mandate was controlling the land. In 2007, licensed contractor Megoray Modain joined together with the Trubowitch family to form Etz Hashaked Corporation. Since its inception, Etz Hashaked has pursued solid investment returns by focusing on opportunities that create value through development, repositioning and property enhancement. Our overall strategy is to acquire and develop assets with a strong intrinsic value which take advantage of emerging or undersupplied markets. To-date, we have constructed or have under construction 1,041 units representing approximately 1,700,000 sq. ft. (158,700 sq. mtrs.).

Etz Hashaked is actively involved in the economic growth and development of the Israeli real estate market. We place emphasis on excellence throughout our entire operation while encouraging an entrepreneurial approach in our search for the right opportunity and problem solving. The company leverages our years of experience in construction, management and investment to properly deliver our value proposition. We rely on and build a deep network to be part of our team. As such, we seek the guidance of community stakeholders, assemble competent advisors and pursue like-minded partners. We believe this to be the key to doing right by our projects and their communities.

The company has three complementary divisions which work seamlessly to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to the complex Israeli real estate market and its dynamic challenges. The divisions include:

Development: The idea of “something from nothing” inspires vision. At Etz Hashaked we place each potential project through a rigorous analysis of aesthetic design, site maximization, communal fit, long-term sustainability, environmental appropriateness, ownership structure, market demand and finally financial viability. To become an Etz Hashaked project requires that all of the above tests “pass with flying colors.”

Construction: Etz Hashaked Engineering provides project oversight and management to each of our developments and third party projects. Etz Hashaked Engineering concentrates on providing exceptional execution of the work with which we are entrusted. Throughout the construction stages, deep attention is devoted to every detail, strict standards and quality control so that our completed product can be delivered on-time and on budget.   It is our intention to have everyone walk through a building which we have constructed and say, “This is a great building?”

Asset and Property Management: From underwriting an acquisition to the delivery of the key and through the one year review of each unit, Etz Hashaked takes a proactive, thoughtful, hands-on approach. We utilize the legal, financial and administrative resources available to us in-house and through our network of relationships to ensure that value is added where possible and quality is enhanced so that users, neighbors and investors all enjoy the benefits.


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